Benefits of Soft Water

There are numerous benefits of having soft water (as opposed to hard water). Some of these benefits can be seen below.

Do you live in a Hard Water area?

Soft Water can give you:

Are you constantly cleaning the ring of scum from your wash basin?
Wouldn't you prefer a real lather with bubbles and no scum?

Are you constantly cleaning your shower doors?

When you could be enjoying the softness of your power shower.
Are you using a full measure in the washing machine?
When you could be using a tablespoon full.
Are you using descalers such as Viakal, Calgon and Dishwasher salt?
When you could be using 50% less.
Are you replacing Kettles every couple of weeks?
Keep your Kettle Lime Scale Free!
Does your skin feel rough & dry?
Softwater will reduce your maintenance bills.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above to the left, then having a Water Softener installed would be a very wise investment.

It could save you up to 500 per annum!
How does a water softener work? Find out more →